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PETROQUIM’s Integrated Policy is based on the “Principles of Sustainable Development” and provides a frame of reference for the firm’s goal to create value over time, minimizing the risks associated with: people, processes, physical assets, the environment and financial resources.  In addition, this Policy includes a commitment by the Organization to compliance with applicable legislation, the Principles of Responsable Care® and continuous improvement in all management areas.


Economic Pillar


We seek to create value for our Shareholders by using our physical assets and financial resources efficiently, as well as driving the growth of the company that our markets permit.

We promote long-term relationships of trust with our Customers, supplying them with products and services that meet their needs efficiently and thus help contribute to their success


Social Pillar


Our “Personnel Management” achieves high levels of motivation, knowledge and productivity of our Collaborators improving their employability, in a good working environment.

Along with that, our “Occupational Health and Safety Management Initiative” promotes the prevention of accidents, work-related injuries and illnesses, ensuring that our Collaborators follow de health and safety guidelines.

In addition, we promote communication and the creation of links with our external Interested Parties (Surroundings), paying attention to their approaches.


Environmental Pillar


Our “Environmental Management Policy” prevents incidents and minimizes the impact of our activities on the environment by promoting the environmental awareness of our Surroundings