empresa petroquim


At PETROQUIM, managing people and promoting our corporate values are some of the key tools used in the company’s business.




The goal of People Management is to direct, motivate, develop, and guide all of the members of our company toward achieving the organizational goals oriented by the company’s Integrated Policy..




Petroquim’s Values are shared beliefs, that guide us and are manifested in our organizational practices:


· Integrity and Honesty  

We act and interact with others with respect, trust, transparency and truthfulness.


· Safety 

We promote a “Zero Accident” philosophy and everything that we do is done safety.


· Excellence 

We strive to reach a high performance level, continuously improving our processes and valuing efforts that go beyond the expected.


· Commitment 

We promote and achieve high level of engagement within in Petroquim.


· Work Environment 

 We foster an organization where it is pleasant to work, encourages the trust, respect, courtesy and a healthy sense of humor.


· Adaptability

We are open to the changes that occur in jobs and we demonstrate flexibility in adapting to them.


· Personal Development

At PETROQUIM, collaborators are continuously learning, growing and developing holistically.